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How Cant I Get Z-Code?

Date:2016-11-29 15:58:05|Browse:51621|Source:fontke

You can get Z-Code via FontKe.com, FontKe for Phone, FontKe APP and Wechat Public. Now you can only get Z-Code on Wechat Public and other channel will be opened soon.

A. Get Z-Code by Following Fontke Wechat Public

First, You can scan the QRcode to follow Font Wechat Public Account or search FontKe in Wechat for our account.

B. Click the "My FontKe" menu and "Get Z-Code for Free"

To Achieve this, you should bind your FontKe account with your Wechat account. And you can lo in FontKe with your Wechat account.

You can get one Z-Code by following FontKe Wechat Public Account (But you will not get if you followed, un-followed and re-follow). After 24th day a month (The FontKe membership Day) can get one more Z-Code. If you follow our Public Account before 24th day of that month, you shall get a Z-Code on 24th day.

Tip:Tip: You can only have one legit Z-Code in the same month each account so if you already have one Z-Code, you should use it before you get another Z-ode. If you get a second Z-Code, the first one will be expired automatically.