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Fontke.com>Font>汉仪中黑(GB18030超大字符集版) Regular Version 5.00
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Owned by 北京汉仪科印信息技术有限公司
汉仪中黑(GB18030超大字符集版) 汉仪中黑(GB18030超大字符集版) RegularVersion 5.00
汉仪中黑(GB18030超大字符集版) Regular
Version 5.00
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download costs 600 ZicoinsPlease contact the copyright party to purchase commercial authorization.
Font family: 汉仪中黑(GB18030超大字符集版)
Font style:
Font version: Version 5.00
Typeface type:
Font weight:
Font width:
File format:
License type: Published by its intellectual property rights holder, solely used for personal and non-commercial purposes only.
Font embedding license:
汉仪中黑(GB18030超大字符集版) Regular Font update log

汉仪中黑(GB18030超大字符集版) Regular Version 5.00 font (Font family name: 汉仪中黑(GB18030超大字符集版); Font style name: Regular), characters in total. Character distribution range:

Unicode blocks Percent Total code count Total charaters
0% 0
汉仪中黑(GB18030超大字符集版) Regular Comments
Font structure:


Comprehensive score

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Font structure:
Display effect: Display effect:
Style number: Style number:
Character number: Character number:
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