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Name Richard Bradley Country or region United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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Designer introduction

Artist and calligrapher, Richard Bradley specialises in watercolour paintings and wildlife drawings, and has had the privilege of his work being accepted on two occasions in the Open Exhibition of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour at the Mall Galleries in London. Richard has also designed several commercially successful typefaces.

Born in 1947 in Portsmouth, England, after schooling Richard entered a five-year apprenticeship with the Metal Box Company, Portsmouth. He trained in design, lettering, calligraphy and sign writing under gifted lettering artists Norman March and Dieter Smith. During day release to Portsmouth College of Art and Design he studied fine typography under Stan Kerry obtaining full technological certificate in City and Guilds, London.

He is self-taught in further calligraphy, illustration and watercolor painting and experimental lettering for everday use. Since then he has worked in various industrial posts in design, lettering, illustration and typography, and worked for about 15 years as a freelance designer and illustrator mainly for Christian literature production and teaching typography part-time at Portsmouth College of Art.

During this time he produced Bible Script, a calligraphic typeface with flourishes and Fine Hand, followed by Calligraphic Ornaments and Bradley Hand in close conjunction with Colin Brignall of Letraset UK and recently ITC originally created for dry transfer lettering and now for Macs and PCs.

Richard’s recent designs with David Kettlewell include Alice ScrollTip, and the Sevillia suite with Sevillia Tiles Formal and Informal and Dancing Text (released on MyFonts) as well as Classic italic, Decorated Uncial, Folklore Roman, Ricks’ Relaxed Italic, shortly to be released here. You can already test the prototypes of these and others at New Renaissance Fonts’ own web-site.

Richard Bradley

Richard Bradley

Area: United Kingdom

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