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Make It Bigger

Date:2012-07-17 18:51:50| News|Browse: 0|Source: Fonts in Use|Author: Stephen Coles
IntroductionSource: http://designarchives.aiga.org.License: All Rights Reserv

Source: http://designarchives.aiga.org.License: All Rights Reserved.

AIGA Design Archives:

In Make It Bigger Paula Scher surveys her three decades of work (so far) and provides a firsthand account of the complex interpersonal dynamics that dictate so much of the design process. Because the designer is presenting her own work here, the book's size is deliberately modest. (The compact scale also plays against the title for a characteristic note of absurdity.) The book is designed to be its own object. Edge-stained pages and a tight-back binding are used to "package" it in typography that wraps around all sides. The typeface Akzidenz-Grotesk is used for its easy readability and its capacity to look both approachable and aggressive at the same time.

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