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Tokyo AFDKO Workshop (PM Session)

Date:2012-06-28 13:27:47| News|Browse: 3|Source: Adobe Blogs|Author: Dr. Ken Lunde
IntroductionOnce again, to those who were able to attend the Tokyo AFDKO Work

Once again, to those who were able to attend the Tokyo AFDKO Workshop that was held at Adobe and Morisawa, a total of 21 people attended. (Details about the AM session were covered in the previous article.)

For those who attended, and for those who could not attend, the presentation for Masataka Hattori's (服部正貴) portion of the workshop is now available for download. Besides demonstrating how to build OpenType/CFF fonts based on the Adobe-Japan1-x and Adobe-Identity-0 ROSes, one of the highlights of Masataka's presentation was demonstrating how to build a font that includes fully-proportional kana glyphs, based on the proven techniques which were used to develop Kazuraki (かづらき) that are detailed in Adobe Tech Note #5901 (Special-Purpose OpenType Japanese Font Tutorial: Kazuraki).

Below is a photo of Masataka during his session (photo courtesy of Taro Yamamoto of Adobe):

A very informative presentation by Morisawa's Takafumi Omuro (小室貴史) about web fonts and Morisawa's web font service, TypeSquare, came next, and the workshop wrapped up with a very engaging presentation about IVSes (Ideographic Variation Sequences) by Adobe's Taro Yamamoto (山本太郎).

Portions of this AFDKO Workshop will be repeated, though in English, during a three-hour workshop at ATypI Hong Kong 2012 in October.

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