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Two AFDKO-related Tool Updates

Date:2012-06-21 13:27:32| News|Browse: 1|Source: Adobe Blogs|Author: Dr. Ken Lunde
IntroductionI spent this evening in Gyeongju, Korea enhancing two AFDKO-relat

I spent this evening in Gyeongju, Korea enhancing two AFDKO-related tools, extract-cids.pl and extract-gids.pl.

These tools are tx filters, and simply output the list of CIDs or GIDs in a font. I had been using another tool, mkrange.pl, to turn the list into ranges. One of the enhancements, which is the addition of an "-r" option, makes the mkrange.pl tool no longer necessary. In other words, the following two command lines have the same result:

% extract-cids.pl-r

% extract-cids.pl | mkrange.pl

The extract-cids.pl tool was additionally enhanced with an "-s" option, which outputs the ranges on a single line using a comma separator. This makes the output very convenient in terms of repurposing it, such as copying it, then pasting it into a new command line as the argument of the "-g" option that is supported by many AFDKO tools. Consider the following two command lines and their output:

% extract-cids.pl-r cidfont.ps




% extract-cids.pl-r-s cidfont.ps



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