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Customer Spotlight: Elmer's

Date:2012-06-07 13:27:54| News|Browse: 1|Source: Fonts.com Blog|Author: Ryan Arruda
IntroductionPerhaps best known for its iconic glue, Elmer's Products, Inc. ha

Perhaps best known for its iconic glue, Elmer's Products, Inc. has created adhesive products – along with office supplies – for home and school for over 60 years.

The Helvetica Bold Condensed and Helvetica Black Condensed Oblique typefaces, used for headline text and product category subheads.

While members of the Helvetica typeface family are championed for the neutrality of their letterforms, perhaps it's fitting for a heralded adhesive manufacturer to use a face whose neutrality belies an evident strength and sturdiness.

However, while rooted in strength, the two Helvetica faces in use on Elmer's website do not feel heavy-handed – the bright colorways (and use of oblique variants) buoy the typefaces with a sense of motion, lightening the visual weight of the text.

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