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Agfa releases 20 fonts to Fonts.com

Date:2004-02-25 12:45:19| News|Browse: 11|Source: Digital Arts|Author:
IntroductionAgfa Monotype announced on Tuesday that it has released 20 exclus

Agfa Monotype announced on Tuesday that it has released 20 exclusive fonts and font volumes on Fonts.com. All of them are from the new Laurentian, Fairbank, and Mosquito Formal typeface families.

Laurentian was originally created by designer Rod McDonald for the Canadian magazine Maclean's. Its family includes regular, semibold and bold weights, with italics for regular and semibold. A set of Laurentian small caps is also available.

Fairbank is a revival of a design first released as a metal font by designer Alfred Fairbank in the early 1930s. It's complemented by Fairbank Chancery, a calligraphic rendition, as well as typographic extras that include a suite of ornate caps, ligatures, and lowercase swash characters.

Mosquito Formal is a new version of the Mosquito typeface introduced by Agfa Monotype in 2002. The original's cursive strokes and terminals have been replaced by traditional features. It's available in three weights with complementary italic designs, in addition to a suite of small caps and old style figures.

All three font families are available in PostScript. Individual fonts are $42 (around £25). Volume pricing is $151.20 (£85) for all Laurentian fonts, $84 (£47) for the Fairbank set, and $340.20 (£190) for the Mosquito Formal collection. You can purchase them from Fonts.com by calling Agfa Monotype at 1-800-424-8973 from the US and Canada, or 0800 371242 from the UK and 44 17 3776 5959 from other countries.

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