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ATypI'08 | Frying Power Cords

Date:2008-09-20 16:04:47| News|Browse: 1|Source: The FontFeed|Author: Yves Peters
IntroductionAnd then, suddenly and very unexpectedly, disaster hits. I was fe

And then, suddenly and very unexpectedly, disaster hits. I was feverishly typing notes of the presentations yesterday afternoon when another person using a computer on the left side of the conference room noticed the distinct smell of burning plastic. We immediately looked for the source and discovered the extension cord everyone was plugged into was literally smoking. By the time we disconnected the computers it was too late. All the power supplies had fried.

This means I only have a limited time before my battery will run out again. I managed to replenish it this morning, as Joan Spiekermann graciously lent me her power cord. By limiting the time I work on my computer I hope to be able to continue taking notes, but that's about all I'll be doing today and tomorrow.

So, that's all you'll hear from me for the foreseeable future. Sorry'boutthat, really can't help it.

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