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Feedback from the FontFed

Date:2008-09-18 16:42:12| News|Browse: 2|Source: The FontFeed|Author: Yves Peters
IntroductionThe refreshed FontFeed settled into its new home ten days ago and

The refreshed FontFeed settled into its new home ten days ago and we've already received some lovely housewarming gifts in the form of good words from some of our most beloved fellow bloggers:

"As if we needed more proof that they're pretty sharp over at FontShop. Erik Spiekermann, Yves Peters, Jürgen Siebert and Stephen Coles have launched a sponsored, but independent new typographic group blog called The FontFeed. Bookmarked and subscribed." — Jim Coudal, Coudal Partners

"(…) this is definitely a site to add to your RSS reading list, or should you be so inclined, your bookmarks. It sounds like it'll be very much worth it." — Ministry of Type

"Very very warm congratulations to Yves, Stewf and Jürgen Siebert, (…). Mr Spiekermann has chosen well, but would you have expected any less?" — David Earls, Typographer.org

"It is full of interesting and insightful information." — anew designs

"Well, I couldn't pick a better team for a new type website (…)" — bürocratik

"The blog that all the blogs are talking about today: Erik Spiekermann, Stephen Coles, Yves Peters and Jürgen Siebert from FontShop International have set up The FontFeed." — Quipsologies, Sep.09.2008 No.23

"Erik Spiekermann (…), Yves Peters (…) et Jürgen Siebert (…), que des pointures, (…), ont montés un blog intégré à la structure FontShop: The FontFeed. Faites péter les flux Rss :-)" — La cuisine du graphiste

"This promises to be very good, definitely one to subscribe to for typophiles everywhere." — Jason Santa Maria

Thanks for the generous reviews! We'll do our best to live up to them.

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