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Tiger Translate brings Eastern and Western designers together

Date:2008-08-15 12:47:56| People|Browse: 13|Source: Digital Arts|Author:
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Introductionwww.tigerbeer.co.uk/tigertranslate." />Tiger Translate, an 'East

www.tigerbeer.co.uk/tigertranslate." />

Tiger Translate, an 'East meets West' showdown of art, design and music created by Tiger Beer, will make its debut at Hearn Street Car Park, Shoreditch, London on Saturday 20th September 2008 from 8pm. Visitors can register for tickets at www.tigerbeer.co.uk/tigertranslate.

As part of this global initiative to highlight the Far East's best emerging creative talent, artists from across the Far East will collaborate with world-renowned British artists and international DJs live at the event. British artists confirmed to date include EINE and Monorex. The project is designed challenge the creative minds of all the artists involved, pushing them to their limits as they find new ways to collaborate with their Far Eastern counterparts. The result will be an unforgettable multi-sensory experience which will uniquely combine the best the East and West has to offer in terms of music, art and design.

The secluded Hearn Street Car Park in Shoreditch will be where this international alliance of art will be forged. Artists will interpret the theme of 'Voyage' across a variety of disciplines reflecting Tiger's heritage as an authentic Far Eastern beer which travels from its home in the Far East into the hands of drinkers all around the world.

In addition to having the opportunity to witness live collaborations and see new work by the artists, guests will also be able to take part in a series of interactive elements so they can express their own creativity on the night.

The artist line-up includes EINE, the street artist who specialises in huge workings of letters across shop fronts. EINE's bright and bold typography created a beautiful juxtaposition against the grey shutters of Bethnal Green, and inspired the residents to band together to spell out the letters into sentences. Also attending is Monorex, the ever-evolving and constantly shape-shifting art, fashion and culture collective who have brought us the popular Secret Wars street art battles.

Artists in Thailand, Singapore, India, Denmark and Mongolia are currently competing in a series of nationwide competitions for the chance to showcase their work and collaborate at Tiger Translate London.

Tiger Translate first began in 2006 and to date, has uncovered over 150 talented creatives from across the Far East. After battling in competitions in their respective countries to join Tiger's collective known as Tiger Asian Kinetic Artists (Tiger AKAs), these artists have gone on to showcase their work at Tiger Translate events in leading cities around the world including Beijing, Berlin and New York. Tiger Translate London is this year's global showcase which unites the best talent across all of the 2008 events into one.

The event also is also listed on Facebook.

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