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Heathrow Airport Signage

Date:2012-01-10 03:09:45| News|Browse: 3|Source: Fonts in Use|Author: Stephen Coles
IntroductionSource: http://www.flickr.com.Uploaded to Flickr by Stephen Coles

Source: http://www.flickr.com.Uploaded to Flickr by Stephen Coles and tagged with "baabembo" and "baasign". License: CC BY-NC-SA.

Heathrow is another victim of the homogenization of the world's airports, its regional identity robbed by replacing a perfectly functional, custom British serif with ubiquitous Frutiger. I've watched the change take place over the last 3 years and the cleansing is now nearly complete. Shed another tear for typographic diversity. If anyone knows who made the dearly departed typeface, please let me know. I'd like to do a piece on Typographica.

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