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Communication Arts Typography Annual 2

Date:2012-01-07 06:37:09| Typesetting|Browse: 6|Source: The FontFeed|Author: Yves Peters
IntroductionFor the second consecutive year Erik Spiekermann, information arc

For the second consecutive year Erik Spiekermann, information architect, type designer and author of books and articles on type and typography; and Tiffany Wardle de Sousa a.k.a. "Typegirl", a typographer and graphic designer.

Communication Arts Typography Annual 2 cover: "Typography Annual Two" and the glyph set in FF Sero, an original typeface by Jörg Hemker (p. 171), and two selections from designer Doug Pedersen's Futureglyphics series (pp. 205 & 209).

1,723 entries were submitted for this second Typography Annual, less than the inaugural competition, but probably a more accurate reflection of the quantity of work produced in a single year. Again, the organisers were pleased with the international nature of the submissions, especially in the typeface category, and the inclusion of several non-Latin typefaces.

Juror Tiffany Wardle de Sousa:

In general, I really enjoyed most of the work. For me it was important to consider each project separately because viewed as a whole I sensed a sameness.

That sameness might best be explained by identifying the most common visual trends.

Juror Erik Spiekermann concurs:

The lock-up look was a prevailing theme. Pages were full, and if it wasn't the page, then a shape was filled with type. From clouds to trees, everything served as a lock-up for letters.

Juror Richard Kegler added:

The 'handmade' and retro pastiche have really become a major trend. The lack of actual type vs. hand lettering was surprising.

In closing, Wardle de Sousa offered this:

Typography is typography, no matter the media. Hopefully the technology innovators will always keep the rules of typography in mind as they create.

Erik Spiekermann:

The state of typography has always been a good indicator of the general state of affairs. The trends were all pointing back in time, pastiche being the operative word, nostalgia the main trend.

Digital media – Poem Script slideshow | Typeface: Poem Script | Director: Santiago Idelson

The winning entries are spread over different categories, one of them being type design. The following typefaces were selected to be included in the Annual:

Steinweiss Script| Michael Doret, Alphabet Soup Type FoundersSocialism| FontBitBe Serif| FontBitFF More| Łukasz Dziedzic, FontFontFF Sero| Jörg Hemker, FontFontFF Spinoza| Max Phillips, FontFontAria Pro| Rui Abreu, Fountain TypeSmidgen| Ken Barber, House IndustriesBarun Jiwon Book| Jiwon LeeDIN Next Arabic| Nadine Chahine, LinotypeNeue Haas Grotesk| Christian Schwartz, LinotypePalatino Sans Arabic| Nadine Chahine, LinotypeHiatus| Stephen RappPoem Script| Alejandro Paul, SudtiposSemilla| Alejandro Paul, SudtiposChartwell| TK TypeRegal Finesse| Panos VassiliouSamantha Script| Laura WorthingtonAlana| Laura Worthington

A sampling of the winners – some random entries, one per category:

Packaging – Fog Mountain wine bottle | Client: Boisset Family Estates | Creative Director: David Schuemann | Designer: Kevin Reeves | Design Director: Sara Golzari

Advertisement – Huawei Ideos X1 | Client: Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. | Agency: ArnoldFurnace

Books – Society of Graphic Designers of Canada Annual Report 2009/10 | Client: Society of Graphic Designers of Canada | Agency: Foundry Communications | Creative Director: Zahra Al-Harazi | Designers: Kylie Henry, Janice Wong, Jake Lim | Illustrators: Kylie Henry, Jon Jungwirth , Jake Lim, Janice Wong, Emmanuel Obayemi | Writer: Kitty Wong

Identity – Roman Rockwell | Client: Chris Gardner | Designer: Ken Barber

Poster – SOGO Japan | Designer: Neil Summerour

Motion – $amy Deluxe "Poesie Album" | Director: Felix Paul | Co-director: David Königsmann | Art Direction, Motion Design & Artwork: Nico Uthe, Bastian Böhm | Artwork support:

Typeholics, Lars Paukstat, Scotty Paschke, WES21, Jan van der Torn | Kamera: Moritz Schultheiss | Produktion: David Mohn (noyz'R'uz)

Ephemera – Jaime Stoltz & Anthony Ekman wedding invitations | Design: Kate Holgate

Miscellaneous – Classic book cover series – Client: Sterling Publishing / Barnes & Noble | Art Direction: Jo Obarowski | Design: Jessica Hische

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