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100 Days of Fonts In Use

Date:2012-01-07 00:34:56| News|Browse: 3|Source: Fonts in Use|Author: Stephen Coles
Introduction21Industries12Formats61Typefaces30FoundriesSince the launch of Fo








Since the launch of Fonts In Use in December 2010, our little labor of love has grown steadily from a hopeful idea to a full-fledged blog with a following. We are so pleased to hear from readers that this project is useful. Usefulness is the central goal and your feedback pushes us to do more.

I thought it would be interesting to take a quick look at our first 100 days by the numbers (which is really just an excuse to play with Benton Modern Display). We aim for diversity, and while there are many more fields and fonts to cover, I was surprised to discover just how much variety is already up on the board.

The first 36 posts covered examples from 21 industries (or topics) in a dozen formats (or media). Over 60 typefaces from 30 foundries are represented. While display type will always get more attention, there were also a few case studies that reference text typography, and we plan to focus on more text usage in the near future. Another area that deserves more attention is the elusive and indefinite criteria behind pairing typefaces, but there are a few instructional examples of successful combinations so far.

On a forward-thinking note, April brings a significant change to Fonts In Use. We are now sponsor supported. This means a subtle shift to the site design (there are now ad spots on the homepage and in the site's header), but it also means we can devote more time and resources to new and more frequent content from our crop of writers — and some new folks too. So please thank our sponsors for their support by visiting their websites and considering their goods. They all make great things, and we're proud to be affiliated with them.

As always, we welcome your suggestions and submissions. I'm sorry we can't write up every piece submitted, but rest assured we do consider each one, and they are all set aside for inclusion in the full archive to come.

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