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Beyond Tellerrand: An Affordable Web Design Conference in Düsseldorf

Date:2011-11-02 22:52:06| Design|Browse: 1|Source: The FontFeed|Author: Yves Peters
IntroductionLast week I received a last-minute invitation to speak at Beyond

Last week I received a last-minute invitation to speak at Beyond Tellerrand, a web design and development conference taking place in three weeks in Düsseldorf, Germany. Beyond Tellerrand is a three-day event with intensive workshops on Sunday, November 20, and 16 high-quality talks for web enthusiasts, covering design, technique, inspiration, and networking on Monday and Tuesday, November 21 and 22. Although the speaker line-up is of high quality, the conference is affordable – even though the Early Bird periods are over, tickets still cost only € 249 for the two days, and € 350 per workshop. Because I was only added to the program near the end of the Early Bird registration period, a limited number of conference tickets at a reduced price have been reserved for readers of The FontFeed. With Düsseldorf easy to reach by Thalys train from Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam as well as by plane, this is a perfect opportunity for a late conference trip.

Beyond Tellerrand is the brainchild of designer/developer Marc Thiele, who has been running the Flash Forum conference FFK in Germany for 12 years now. The name is a combination of the English word "beyond" and the German phrase "über den Tellerrand schauen," which means "to think outside the box". Because FFK started to cover more and more topics that go beyond the remit of Flash and ActionScript, Thiele decided to start a new event, which would harness his passion for design and development, be affordable and have great content. He decided to choose a wide mix of design, UX and development topics, spiced with typography, with the right balance between tech, how-to and inspiration. Marc Thiele says the community spirit and family atmosphere at Beyond Tellerrand are truly special and lead to an intense and memorable experience for all. This is why the registration price is kept as low as possible. The conference is not just targeting the German scene – for now two-thirds of the tickets are being sold to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but it hopes to attract designers and developers from other countries as well.

If you wish to attend Beyond Tellerand at a reduced price, email me before the weekend and I will send you a discount code to get the Early Bird pricing when registering. Offer is limited!

Beyond Tellerand lanyards. Photo by Marc Thiele

Read the interview with Marc Thiele on .net.

Audiotool Party after FFK11. © Jens Brynildsen

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