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TYPO London About To Start

Date:2011-10-20 16:42:39| News|Browse: 0|Source: The FontFeed|Author: Yves Peters
IntroductionThis afternoon at TYPO London "Places" will kick off in Logan Hal

This afternoon at TYPO London "Places" will kick off in Logan Hall with Media Space: Where Is What? What Is Where, the presentation by Dale Herigstad, Chief Interaction Officer at Possible Worldwide. What follows then is three days of inspiring talks by a varied roster of speakers, both internationally renowned heavyweights and exciting young up-and-comers. Most of the presentations are new, but I am delighted I will have the opportunity to catch some speakers I missed at TYPO Berlin these past years, like Tim Fendley and the dynamic duo of Julian Zimmerman / King Bansah. On Saturday I will follow most of the Type Day track at Jeffrey Hall.

I am really curious to see how this conference will take shape. Although its hugely successful Berlin sister event can rely on more than 15 years of rich history, this really is like starting from scratch at a new location. Fortunately the organisation can fall back on the experience of the battle-hardened team of TYPO Berlin. It will be interesting to discover the location-specific differences in approach and atmosphere. You will be able to follow most of the proceedings on Twitter via the @typoconf account and the #typo11 hashtag. There are also two live streams scheduled for each day:

Thursday, October 20th

16:00 – Kutlu Çanlıoğlu, Titus Nemeth – BBC'S Global Experience Language

20:00 – Michael Bierut – The Only Important DecisionFriday, October 21st

16:00 – Lawrence Weiner – Sculpture Made Of Language

20:00 – Neville BrodySaturday, October 22nd:

10:00 – Marina Willer – Branding And Spaces

19:00 – Chip Kidd – "What Are You Doing Here?"

Besides my report on The FontFeed after the conference I will be joining the TYPO London Blog team with concise daily round-ups. Don't hesitate to add your images in the TYPO London 2011 Pool on Flickr, as I rely on them for illustrating my posts. I will of course ask permission, credit the source and link back.

It looks like this will be three exciting days. More later; I need to go to the registration desk now. It begins…

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