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Top 100 Web Fonts for August 2011

Date:2011-09-23 13:09:29| News|Browse: 2|Source: Fonts.com Blog|Author: Chris Roberts
IntroductionHere's a ranked listing of Fonts.com Web Fonts' top 100 most used

Here's a ranked listing of Fonts.com Web Fonts' top 100 most used Web fonts for August 2011:

Neue Helvetica® 87 Condensed Heavy

Administer BookItalic

Univers® 57 Condensed

Neue Helvetica® 77 Condensed Bold

Avenir® 85 Heavy

Garamond 3 Regular

Helvetica® Condensed Bold

Futura® Bold

Garamond 3 Italic

Bauer Bodoni® Black Italic

Neue Helvetica® 35 Thin

Sackers™ Gothic Heavy

Sackers™ Gothic Medium

Neue Helvetica® 55 Roman

Neue Helvetica® 57 Condensed

Neue Helvetica® 75 Bold

Avenir® 35 Light

Avenir® 65 Medium

Avenir® 55 Roman

Neue Helvetica® 45 Light

Trade Gothic® Bold

Futura Medium

Trade Gothic® Condensed Bold 20

Trade Gothic® Condensed Bold #20, Ext

Avenir® 95 Black

Neue Helvetica® 25 Ultra Light

ITC Legacy® Serif Bold Italic

Avenir® 95 Black, Ext

Futura® Book

Linotype Didot® Bold

Linotype Didot® Roman

Linotype Didot® Italic

Neue Helvetica® 67 Condensed Medium

Linotype Univers® 420 Condensed

PMN Caecilia® 75 Bold

Linotype Univers® 620 Condensed Bold

Futura® Bold Condensed

Neue Helvetica® 47 Condensed Light

PMN Caecilia® 85 Heavy

Linotype Univers® 320 Condensed Light, Ext

PMN Caecilia® 76 Bold Italic

Futura® Medium Condensed

Univers® 47 Condensed Light Oblique, Ext

Futura® Heavy

Neue Helvetica® 37 Condensed Thin

Monotype Grotesque® Condensed

ITC Avant Garde Gothic® Book

Avenir® 45 Book

VAG Rounded™ Black

Neue Helvetica® 45 Light, Ext

Neue Helvetica® 65 Medium

Avenir® 55 Roman, Ext

Rockwell® Bold

VAG Rounded™ Bold

Neue Helvetica® 55 Roman, Ext

Trade Gothic® Roman

Felbridge™ Regular

Neue Helvetica® 63 Extended Medium

Trade Gothic® Extended Bold

Neue Helvetica® 53 Extended, Ext

Helvetica® Condensed Bold, Ext

Neue Helvetica® 73 Extended Bold, Ext

Frutiger® 65 Bold

Neue Frutiger® Light

Eurostile® Next Regular

Eurostile® Next Extended Regular

Eurostile® Next Extended Bold

Neue Helvetica® 65 Medium, Ext

Eurostile® Next Extended Semibold

Eurostile® Next Semi Bold, Ext

ITC Avant Garde Gothic® Medium

Frutiger® 55 Roman

ITC Avant Garde Gothic® Bold

ITC Avant Garde Gothic® Demi

Trade Gothic® Light

Neue Frutiger® Bold

Neo Sans Regular, Ext

Trade Gothic® Bold, Ext

Neue Frutiger® Book

Univers® 67 Condensed Bold Oblique

DIN Next™ Regular

Helvetica® Light, Ext

Trade Gothic® Condensed 18

Helvetica® Rounded Condensed Bold

Palatino® Sans Arabic Regular

Frutiger® 45 Light, Ext

Neue Frutiger® Regular

Cochin® Roman

Helvetica® Condensed

Trade Gothic® Condensed #18, Ext

Neo® Sans Arabic Regular

VAG Rounded™ Light

ITC Lubalin Graph® Book

Neue Helvetica® 67 Condensed Medium, Ext

Avenir® Next Demi

Avenir® 35 Light, Ext

Neue Helvetica® 75 Bold, Ext

Neue Frutiger® Medium

Helvetica® Bold, Ext

Frutiger® 65 Bold, Ext

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