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Meta Reaction

Date:2007-11-27 12:33:15| News|Browse: 1|Source: The FontFeed|Author: Stephen Coles
IntroductionIf you missed the newsletter, this month's FontFont release was o

If you missed the newsletter, this month's FontFont release was one of FontShop's most exciting in years: FF Meta Serif. Yves Peters wrote an excellent piece for FontShop Benelux on the new typeface. The article, with quotes from the creators — Spiekermann (the old master), Schwartz (the new master), and Sowersby (the impressive newcomer) — is a rare look into the process of collaborative type design.

The blogosphere is buzzing about FF Meta Serif. You can find a rundown of coverage on Spiekermann's own journal.

Update:FF Meta Serif is the current Featured Face on the popular forum Typophile, gracing the dynamic homepage background and all topic titles.

See also: The History of FF Meta

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