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Plus et Plus rebrands AMC

Date:2007-10-11 12:46:58| News|Browse: 127|Source: Digital Arts|Author:
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IntroductionAMC, which was based around the network's tagline, 'The Future of

AMC, which was based around the network's tagline, 'The Future of Classic'." />

Plus et Plus, a creative boutique located on New York's West 26th Street, recently created a complete on-air reface for AMC, which was based around the network's tagline, 'The Future of Classic'.

The company Plus et Plus provided AMC with an eclectic mix of network IDs, image spots, stunts and promotional toolkit systems, franchise packaging, a navigation toolkit, and colour palettes and typography, as well as a plethora of off-air collateral including business cards, stationary, merchandise, and Web site concepts.

The new look, infused with a fashion sensibility, reemphasizes the attraction and 'cool factor' of classic American films and stars.

Judy Wellfare, Creative Director of Plus et Plus said, "The AMC rebrand graphically showcases definitive Hollywood icons, scenes, and quotations through a truly unique blend of animation, colour treatment, typography, and editorial style. We sampled the fabric of the AMC movie offerings, stripping them down to their core DNA and emphasizing the classic, memorable moments.

"Whether it's a cool quotation, a key scene, or a memorable moment, we brought the essential elements together to create a fresh curatorial voice for the network."

Actors like John Wayne, Paul Newman, Jack Nicholson, Brad Pitt or Steve McQueen are the essence of iconic cool, and they populate a series of network IDs proclaiming 'Long Live Cool'. Combined with bold typography and classic quotations, the new look viscerally conveys the timeless appeal of certain films and what makes AMC special and distinctive.

Other IDs play off an elastic understanding of 'classic', offering clever thematic linkages, illustrated by iconic and unexpected footage. The library for these vignettes is wide-ranging and includes subjects as disparate as Classic Slackers, Classic Shades, and Classic Struts. By combining the memorable and nostalgic with decidedly contemporary graphics and design, Plus et Plus helped AMC put a new spin on classic material.

The creative company took a toolkit approach in delivering the project, allowing the rebrand to grow along with the network in the future.

"Our simple system of toolkits enables AMC to remain within their new visual identity, which keeps their brand focused and strong," says Wellfare. "We created and delivered a specifically defined set of parameters for showcasing their footage. With the toolkits, the network can continuously update, refresh and reinvent their imagery."

Plus et Plus used a combination of Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Autodesk Flame to create the package.

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