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2007 FontShop Calendar: Feb-June

Date:2007-06-07 07:14:00| News|Browse: 14|Source: The FontFeed|Author: Calliope Gazetas
IntroductionJune Featuring Armchair Modern™With curves inspired by both Scand

June Featuring Armchair Modern™

With curves inspired by both Scandinavian furniture design and old-school cathode ray tube displays, Armchair Modern shows off its paces in a cool, summery June calendar.

printable 11×17 (683k PDF)desktop wallpaper (418K JPG)widescreen desktop wallpaper (448K JPG)

May Featuring Anisette™

Dyana Weissman of the Font Bureau used their Anisette typeface to bring us an unabashedly flowery May. Jean-François Porchez's font draws from the Art Deco lettering of French poster artist A. M. Cassandre.

printable 11×17/8.5×11 (96k PDF)desktop wallpaper (168K JPG)widescreen desktop wallpaper (180K JPG)

April Featuring Freight™

Joshua Darden crafted this ambitious release for GarageFonts in 2005. Freight Serif and Sans are reliable text faces, and the inventive Micro is tuned for tiny print, but every font in the package has headline potential. It's one of the most refreshing and useful families of the last few years.

printable 11×17/8.5×11 (176k PDF)desktop wallpaper (64K GIF)widescreen desktop wallpaper (64K GIF)

March Featuring Mustardo™ and Ketchupa™

Swedish designer Peter Bruhn tells the story of his typefaces featured in this month's newsletter: "One day at lunch, having a hamburger, I looked at the ketchup package and noticed how the ink in the print had spread and made the small size lettering look very round. Using Corpus Gothic as a template, I've tried to imitate this in Ketchupa and Mustardo."

printable 11×17/8.5×11 (361k PDF)desktop wallpaper (319K JPG)widescreen desktop wallpaper (359K JPG)

February Featuring MVB Sirenne™

This month's desktop wallpaper is from designer Alan Greene, using MVB Sirenne, a typeface he designed with Mark van Bronkhorst. The elegant serif family, inspired by a rare, 18th-century book, brings antique hand lettering to the digital world with a full set of weights, small caps, and swash italics, with separate cuts for large and small settings.

printable 11×17/8.5×11 (392k PDF)desktop wallpaper (556K JPG)widescreen desktop wallpaper (604K JPG)

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