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FSI FontShop releases five new typefaces

Date:2007-06-06 12:46:37| News|Browse: 2|Source: Digital Arts|Author:
IntroductionFontFont typeface library, along with language extensions and Ope

FontFont typeface library, along with language extensions and OpenType upgrades to a selection of popular FontFonts." />

FSI FontShop International has added five new type families to its FontFont typeface library, along with language extensions and OpenType upgrades to a selection of popular FontFonts.

The new fonts are:

FF Absara Headline, which adds power to French designer Xavier Dupré's popular FontFont family. The new additions, available in both sans and serif versions, feature larger x-heights for enhanced readability, narrower characters for better fit, and black weights designed for maximum impact. FF Absara Headline features four weights in the serif family and six weights in the sans.

FF Atomium, by Dutch designer and musician Donald Beekman, is a rounded display typeface created for an underground electronic music festival in Amsterdam. Inspired by the Atomium building in Brussels, Beekman echoed its futuristic spherical architecture in his letterforms. FF Atomium features thin, regular, heavy, and outline fonts that can be stacked to create layered effects. A quirky set of dingbats rounds out the family.

FF Good is the second FontFont family by Warsaw's Lukasz Dziedzic. Originally intended as the new text type for the redesign of a newsweekly, FF Good is a readable sans with an informal personality. FF Good is seen in the pages of Polish-language tech magazine Komputer Swiat, while the Cyrillic is used in the Russian edition of British celebrity tabloid OK! FF Good features three weights and complementary small caps in regular, condensed, and wide widths.

FF Holmen is a book text family by Danish designer Per Baasch Jørgensen. Commissioned by a publishing house for a Hans Christian Andersen novel, the brief called for a "neoclassicist" typeface. Although inspired by the classical elegance of Bodoni and Didot, Jørgensen incorporated modern features for a contemporary appearance and improved readability. FF Holmen includes regular and bold weights with italics, small caps, and a titling version.

FF Speak is a humanist sans serif from a new FontFont designer, Denmark's Jan Maack. With FF Speak, Maack wanted to capture the tone of voice of youthful conversation. He created smooth but lively letterforms that would evoke different intonations depending on the weights and ligatures used. FF Speak features light, regular, bold, and heavy weights with companion italics.

FSI has announced language extensions to important FontFont families. FF Good includes Baltic, Central European, Cyrillic, and Turkish character sets, while FF QType and FF Seria Sans have been upgraded to support Baltic, Central European, and Turkish languages.

It has also released OpenType Standard (Western language) and Pro (multilingual) versions of FF Good, OpenType Pro upgrades for FF QType and FF Seria Sans, and OT Standard versions of FF Absara Headline, FF Atomium, FF Disturbance, FF Dot Matrix, FF Eboy, FF Holmen, FF Letter Gothic Mono, FF Letter Gothic Text, FF Market, and FF Speak.

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