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FontExpert 2009 v10.0 Release 1-字体管理工具

Date:2009-01-08 06:55:44| Software|Browse: 65|Source: cnBeta.COM|Author:
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FontExpert是一款优秀的字体管理软件.可以对系统中安装的字体进行预览、安装/反安装、装载/卸载管理,检查系统中已安装的字体的错误,同时可以快速查找、预览、归类、打印字体并查看字体相关的高级属性.值得一提的是,你只需简单的点击几下鼠标即可完成附有字体图谱的网页报表,可以直接用于WEB 发布.

Changes in FontExpert 2009-Version 10.0 Release 1 (December 14, 2008):

1. Create Font Library feature classifies fonts and organizes folders by font family classes.

2. Backup/Restore FontExpert database (with keywords and categories) and Font Groups. Allows to exchange backup between XP and Vista computers.

3. New printing and print preview with customizable reports.

4. Enhanced Export to HTML feature creates A-Z html album, supports drop shadow in font samples.

5. Search by Panose properties, by Family Style, Width, Weight, Monospaced properties, by Foundry, by Vendor ID in Database Search view. Search for Panose matches menu command (search for similar fonts).

6. Better performance when processing large number of fonts.

7. "Foundry" and "Vendor ID" columns in the main view (Details view type).

8. "Family Style" column in Find Fonts... results list and in the Windows Fonts view.

9. Better detection of Windows font source files (Show Source Files of Windows Font)

10. Support to raster fonts (.fon) created in new Portable Executable File Format.

11. Anti-aliased drawing of font samples.

12. "Sort by" context menu command (sort by Foundry, By Location, etc.) in the main view.

13. Fixed: Macintosh OpenType/TrueType fonts with the only Macintosh character set were previewed incorrectly and were drawn as Arial.

14. Other enhancements.

15. Minor issues were fixed.

16. Now FontExpert does not require to start it "As Administrator" on Windows Vista and Windows Vista x64 Edition.



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  • Follow FontKe on Wechat to get Zcode
  • Scan the Qrcode to participate in the SVIP lottery
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