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D&AD Annual 2006 set for launch

Date:2006-09-21 12:46:16| News|Browse: 5|Source: Digital Arts|Author:
IntroductionThe D&AD Annual 2006--one of the most eagerly awaited annual show

The D&AD Annual 2006--one of the most eagerly awaited annual showcase of design and advertising creativity launches on 27 September 2006 in the UK, the D&AD has revealed. Referred to by devotees simply as 'the book', the D&AD Annual & Showreel is the only permanent record of the best creative work each year--a true celebration of global excellence.

Over 740 pieces of work across 29 categories in design and advertising are included in The Annual. D&AD Global Awards jury members made the selection from over 24,500 pieces of work entered from 61 countries. Gaming, Direct, and Magazine & Newspaper Design will feature as independent categories for the first time in the D&AD Annual, according to the organization.

"The 2006 Annual is a source of inspiration to creative practitioners everywhere," said Michael Hockney, D&AD chief executive. "The book contains analysis of the best work in the world by leading creative practitioners and further coverage of D&AD's range of activities. The design brilliantly incorporates key elements of our recent rebrand."

James Littlewood and Andy Probert of Design Project in Leeds (UK) were selected to design the D&AD Annual 2006 by President Dick Powell.

"A publication of this size and scope is a massive project, and we were honoured to be asked to do it. We focused on everything from colours and materials to typography and production values--ensuring that the work is displayed as beautifully as possible," said James Littlewood of Design Project.

"However, we didn't want all that detail to take away from the character," added Andy Probert, "by mixing the paper stocks a bit, we introduced pace and personality to the book."

"Design Project have left no stone unturned with the D&AD Annual 2006," said Dick Powell, D&AD president 2005-6. "Spanning almost 600 pages, James and Andy have focused their energy and passion on every possible detail of the book and truly created the physical representation of this year's theme – Obsessed with Creativity."

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