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FontCast #10 — Jim Parkinson, Part 1

Date:2010-03-26 05:26:57| News|Browse: 2|Source: The FontFeed|Author: Stephen Coles
IntroductionIn FontCast's search for typographic designers with interesting s

In FontCast's search for typographic designers with interesting stories to tell we knew we didn't have to go far to find Jim Parkinson — he's just across the water from FontShop San Francisco in Oakland.

Jim is a Bay Area native, returning after a short stint at Hallmark in Kansas City to design the iconic logotype for Rolling Stone during its heyday in the early '70s. That work led to hundreds of other magazine and newspaper nameplates (Newsweek, Billboard, Esquire, LA Times), band logos, and typeface designs over the next four decades.

At 69, Jim is still going strong, wielding FontLab and paintbrush to create new works of art. We met him at his home studio to talk about letters and life, from the days of beatniks and hippies to his takes on art school and businessmen (AKA "cigar-smoking twits"). This is the first of two parts from our visit. Look for Part Two next week.

Click here to watch the FontCast or simply push play below.

Update: Apr 7, 2010 —Part two of our two part interview with Jim Parkinson can be viewed here: FontCast #11.

FontCast is FontShop's video podcast featuring the most interesting figures in typography and design. Subscribe in iTunes or watch individual episodes on Vimeo and YouTube.

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