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The New York Times Turkish Edition

Date:2009-10-02 02:49:15| News|Browse: 2|Source: The FontFeed|Author: Yves Peters
IntroductionThis marvellous one minute commercial comes to The FontFeed via m

This marvellous one minute commercial comes to The FontFeed via my esteemed Typographer.org colleague David John Earls through Ministry of Type's Aegir Hallmundur. It advertises the new Turkish-language edition of the New York Times' International Weekly, distributed for free with the Sunday edition of Turkey's Sabah newspaper.

Imago New Media – a two person motion graphics studio, established in 2004 and currently located in the heart of Istanbul –

constructed typographic versions of the most recognisable landmarks in Manhattan and Istanbul, and created a compact tour taking the audience from the New York Harbor all the way to the Bosphorus. Actual pages from the first issue of the newspaper were used to create the textures used in the scenes. The financial news page became NYSE and Wall Street, entertainment news turned into Times Square, and so on.

As Aegir explains

this one is very nicely done — it hangs together beautifully, and the level of subtle detail rewards re-watching. The waves, rippling banners and flags are a lovely touch, just noticeable enough to add to the sense of place without distracting you from the overall theme.

Starring prominently in the clip are the custom Cheltenham (please note I don't link to the yucky ITC version) Matthew Carter designed for the newspaper, Franklin Gothic, and less recognisable because quite small the bespoke version of Imperial they produced themselves by scanning proofs of the original metal type.

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