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Very Early Registration For Typ09 Ends Tomorrow

Date:2009-09-24 01:04:12| News|Browse: 23|Source: The FontFeed|Author: Yves Peters
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IntroductionThe next type conference is approaching fast – ATypI Mexico – TYP

The next type conference is approaching fast – ATypI Mexico – TYP09 "The Heart Of The Letter" – will be held in the School of Design of Anáhuac University from October 26 to 30, 2009 (indeed, roughly one month from now). This is a quick reminder that if you want to attend this year's ATypI conference you'd better not procrastinate. The very early registration ends tomorrow, after which the registration price will stop using the reduced rates and revert to the normal fees.

In case you're wondering why you should come to the ATypI conference, have a look at the programme to get an idea of what is planned. And we recommend you look over the list of speakers which is quite impressive. But don't take our word for it, and judge for yourself:

Andreu Balius | Mark Barratt | Felix Beltran | David Berlow | John D. Berry | Roger Black | Filip Blažek | Andrew Byrom | Francisco Calles | Laura Caso Barrera | Felipe Cáceres | François Chastanet | Albert Corbeto | Pablo Augusto Cosgaya | Crystian Cruz | John Daggett | Si Daniels | Jo A. J. De Baerdemaeker | Jorge de Buen | Kollontai Diniz | Catherine Dixon | John Downer | Mary Dyson | Priscila Farias | Lynn Fleming | Jim Gallagher | Héctor Galván | Gonzalo Garcia Barcha | Marina Garone Gravier | Francisco Gálvez | Denise Gonzales Crisp | Horacio F Gorodischer | Tomás Granados | Pavel Grushko | Ernesto Gutiérrez Cortés | Fabio Haag | Ted Harrison | Juan Heilborn Diaz | Cristobal Henestrosa | Wolfgang Homola | Richard Kegler | Jonathan Kew | Viktor Kharyk | David Kimura | Kevin Larson | Gerry Leonidas | Jason E Lewis | Gabriel Martinez Meave | Bryan Mason | Laura Meseguer | Jan Middendorp | Diego Mier y Terán | Christopher J. Moore | Sébastien Morlighem | Darío Manuel Muhafara | Bruno Nadeau | Henrique Nardi | Titus Nemeth | Osvaldo Olivera Villagra | Enrique Ollervides | Annie Opitz Olsen | Hrant Papazian | Josep Patau | Alejandro J Paul | Ximena Pérez Grobet | Joe Pemberton | Thomas Phinney | Veronica Pina Morales | Luz Rangel | Claudio Rodríguez Álvarez | Alberto Ruy Sánchez | Hyun-Guk Ryu | Consuelo Saizar | José Scaglione | Alison Schroeder | Christian E Schwartz | Georg Seifert | Maria del Carmen Serrano | Juliet Shen | David W Shields | Erik Spiekermann | Adam Twardoch | Leonardo Vazquez | Jeffrey Veen | Dyana Weissman | Masayuki Yamamoto | Oscar Yanez | Yuri Yarmola | Elie Zananiri | Alejandro Zenker

Still not convinced? This is the place where you can listen to informative and entertaining talks about type and typography, and meet some of the typographic community's luminaries. If you're interested in a sample, check out a selection of videos from the ATypI Brighton 2007 conference, which should give you a feel of what you can expect.

ATypI have published information about travelling to Mexico city on their conference Travel page. A map of important conference venues, interesting locations and nearby hotels for the Typ09 conference is now available on Google Maps.

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