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FontPool Redux By Escola Muuu

Date:2009-08-05 04:27:24| News|Browse: 44|Source: The FontFeed|Author: Yves Peters
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IntroductionFontShop has always been known for its ground-breaking type proje

FontShop has always been known for its ground-breaking type projects, and for its artistic as well as technological innovations, like RandomFonts by LetTerror, Neville Brody's FUSE, TypeNavigator, FontQA, FontStruct and so on. However last year it was the Belgian/Dutch FontShop franchise that was spearheading cutting-edge typographic research. FontPool was the result of revolutionary advancements in inflatable, wet, adhesive, and edible type. The "Making Of" revealed the demanding conditions in which the scientific project was conducted.

FontPool 2008 | One of the more delicate experiments in typographic adhesion in progress.

Now it appears FontShop BeNeLux isn't the only player in this highly competitive field. Stephen Coles pointed me to the Escola Muuu 2009 Flickr set by Diego Obiol Damas a.k.a. King Coolebra. The set documents Escola Muuu 2009, which took place last month from July 15 to 19 in the Parque Natural del Cadí-Moixeró, Spain. For the fourth consecutive year Col·lectiu Muuu organised this five day summer camp which mixes socialising, design, partying, and swimming pool antics. Big names in the design field showcased work from their portfolios, mojito in one hand; heated debates were cooled in the swimming pool (and splashing was in order when in disagreement); new professional acquaintances were made under the starry sky; and the company of trees, clear river water, green prairies, and fresh air was enjoyed by all. This edition featured Xavier Mariscal, Pati Núñez, Alex Trochut, Albert Folch, Sébastien Morlighem, Josep Maria Pujol, Arts Gràfiques Orient, ADCV, CODIG, type designer Josep Patau, and Drusk.

Quique Lopez of the Escola Muuu organisation explained that the letters were part of a type workshop they wanted to conduct at the Escola. The letters – shaped after Eduardo Manso's popular design Geogrotesque – were manufactured by a company called Cauchos Karey, and were made from a material called EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Alcohol). The original intention was to compose words, phrases, and concepts with the letters, and having them interact with the landscape, the mountains, the cows, … anything that can be found in the Cadí. Unfortunately the experiments didn't turn out as good as expected, and the second and third night the letters were used in a font fight which resulted in a broken rear view mirror, smashed glasses, and so on…

The reason the letters ended up in the swimming pool was that they wanted to examine if the glue would hold, and to see if the type could float in water. Which it did! To some extent it was a design project, trying to make a connection between art and design – experimental design if you will.

All images except FontPool 2008 by King Coolebra (Diego Obiol Damas)

FontPool 2008 image by Yves Peters

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