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[Unicode Announcement] Unicode 5.2 Beta-Chapters 1-5 Available

Date:2009-07-29 05:07:16| Standard|Browse: 0|Source: The Unicode Blog|Author: Unicode, Inc.
IntroductionThe ongoing beta review for Unicode 5.2 has been supplementedtoda

The ongoing beta review for Unicode 5.2 has been supplemented

today with the availability of drafts for the first part of the

consolidated text of the Unicode Standard, Version 5.2.

The landing page for Unicode 5.2 summarizes the major

new additions and changes for Version 5.2:


Links to pdf versions of Chapters 1 through 5 of the standard

are available on that page.

We would like to remind folks that the period for beta review

of the Version 5.2 data files and the Unicode Standard Annexes

is rapidly drawing to a close. The meeting of the Unicode

Technical Committee in August will be making the final decisions

on any reported problems in the data or the annexes, so now

is the time to check the posted data files and documents.

See the beta review page for details:



If you have comments for official UTC consideration, please post them by

submitting your comments through our feedback & reporting page:


If you wish to discuss issues on the Unicode mail list, then please

use the following link to subscribe (if necessary). Please be aware

that discussion comments on the Unicode mail list are not automatically

recorded as input to the UTC. You must use the reporting link above

to generate comments for UTC consideration.



All of the Unicode Consortium lists are strictly opt-in lists for members

or interested users of our standards. We make every effort to remove

users who do not wish to receive e-mail from us. To see why you are getting

this mail and how to remove yourself from our lists if you want, please

see http://www.unicode.org/consortium/distlist.html#announcements

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