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TypeCon2009 "Rhythm" Is Go!

Date:2009-07-14 19:31:47| News|Browse: 62|Source: The FontFeed|Author: Yves Peters
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IntroductionThe type world convenes in Atlanta, Georgia for the week-long com

The type world convenes in Atlanta, Georgia for the week-long community-wide celebration of type and design that is TypeCon 2009 "Rhythm" – presented by The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA), in association with the Portfolio Center, the Art Institute of Atlanta, AIGA Atlanta Chapter, and the Center for Design Study. From tonight 7:00PM and over the course of six days till Sunday, July 19th, TypeCon2009 attendees will be able to visit museums, art galleries, schools, letterpress studios, and cultural centers for the varied activities. The conference features more than 70 great names, including Matthew Carter, John Downer, Craig Eliason, Peter Enneson, Shelley Gruendler, Stefán Kjartansson, Akira Kobayashi, Kevin Larson, Gerry Leonidas, Mathieu Lommen, Brian Lucid, Bruno Maag, Vítor Quelhas, Hank Richardson, Stuart Sandler, Paul Shaw, Jim Sherraden, and Ilene Strizver.

TypeCon2009 explores type for the screen, Dutch design, type in motion, advertising typography, the new life of wood type, and much more. Special events include the fourth annual Type and Design Education Forum and an exhibition of international type and design. With dozens of workshops, presentations, panel discussions, special events, small group tours, and exhibitions in the works, TypeCon2009 promises to be an exciting typographic adventure.

In addition to the regular program of workshops and presentations TypeCon2009 attendees will be treated to a variety of special events in Atlanta. When you register for the conference, be sure to RSVP to these terrific bonus occasions, designed so that you will learn and have fun while networking like crazy.

Audience at TypeCon2008 Punkt

Photo by Renata Graw

You're Special (So Special) at TypeCon2009

Tuesday, July 14 |Creative Circus Open House and TypeCon Kick-Off Event

Tour the mind-blowing Creative Circus campus, drink in its color atmosphere, have a bite to eat, and get an early start on networking at one of the country's coolest design schools. Bring a pencil and something to write on, and behold the wonder of Ron Moore's dynamic presentation on how to draw stunning historical script lettering. This intimate prelude to a week of alphabetic stimulation is sponsored by The Creative Circus.

Wednesday, July 15 |Type Face Film Premiere and Discussion

Join us at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead for the premiere of Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum. A panel discussion with luminaries follows: Type Face director Justine Nagan; James Moran, Printer/Archivist at the Hamilton; educator David Shields, an expert in the wood type collection housed at UT Austin; Nick Sherman, a graphic designer specializing in experimental letterpress techniques; and type designer, historian, and sign painter John Downer, designer of several popular Emigre typefaces evoking the feel of wood type. This gala event is co-sponsored by SOTA and AIGA Atlanta.

Experimental Typography Workshop at TypeCon2008 Punkt with Michelle Bowers.

Photo by Renata Graw

Thursday, July 16 |Opening Night Extravaganza Hatch Shows Off

TypeCon2009 proper kicks off with a festive evening with Jim Sherraden of Hatch Show Print. Hatch is a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary letterpress poster and design shop located in Nashville. Founded in 1879, Hatch is still printing and designing over 600 jobs a year, using the original wood type found on countless posters advertising carnivals, circuses, and vaudeville and minstrel shows. Jim's enlightening and entertaining presentation will feature more than 100 years of hand-set graphic design.

Saturday, July 18 |All Fired Up!

Get ready to get spicy at the biggest typographic social event of the year. There'll be plenty of food, drink, music, dancing, chatter, and the famous Type Quiz with quizmaster extraordinaire Allan Haley. Fabulous prizes will be available to type geeks with sharp minds and those who show off the very finest in dance moves. Groove to the sounds of two fabulous designers with mad DJ skills – Frederico Antunes (Chiba Chiba) is flying in from Brazil and Mike Cina (You Work For Them) is jetting in from Minneapolis just to entertain TypeCon2009 attendees. This night of fun and frolic is sponsored by Monotype Imaging.

Mingling at TypeCon2008 Punkt

Photo by Renata Graw

Sunday, July 19 |Closing Night Gathering at the Center for Design Study

The ultimate wind-down after a week of extreme typographic indulgence… We'll take a little trip to a unique Atlanta creative space, the Center for Design Study. Food, drink, and impromptu letterish demos and other activities will be part of the scene at the Center's gorgeous indoor space and cozy back patio. There will be lots of opportunity for networking and conversation in a relaxed environment. This capper to TypeCon2009 is sponsored by SOTA in partnership with the Center for Design Study.

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