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Last hours for the Axel promotion

Date:2009-06-30 16:48:04| News|Browse: 2|Source: The FontFeed|Author: Yves Peters
IntroductionHeads up everyone – today is June 30th, so anyone still intereste

Heads up everyone – today is June 30th, so anyone still interested in grabbing this previous FontFeed post. What is spe­cial about Axel is less its aes­thetic refine­ment for the reader than its use­ful­ness to people who work at mon­i­tors every day.

Sim­i­lar let­ters and num­bers are clearly dis­tin­guish­able (l, i, I, 1, 7; 0, O; e, c …).Increased con­trast between reg­u­lar and bold.Style set link­ing for Office appli­ca­tions (bold key).Small caps instead of ital­ics for emphasis.High leg­i­bil­ity on the mon­i­tor via ClearType support.Good com­ple­ment of num­bers (super­script, sub­script, fractions…).Real WYSI­WYG in Microsoft Excel.Pleas­ing look on paper.PDF and Web embeddable (@font-face allowed)

Until midnight today June 30th Axel is available for down­load at the intro­duc­tory price of only $/€19.90 out­side Ger­many for the set (four styles, licensed for 1 to 5 users). After that the family will cost € 79.90 (both prices exclu­sive of VAT). So don't waste any time and get Axel while it's still so cheap.

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