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Monotype converts fonts to OpenType

Date:2005-09-22 12:45:34| News|Browse: 4|Source: Digital Arts|Author:
IntroductionMonotype Imaging, home of the century-old Monotype font foundry,

Monotype Imaging, home of the century-old Monotype font foundry, has converted the full Monotype Library of more than 1,300 fonts into the OpenType font format. Typefaces can be viewed, purchased and downloaded from Fonts.com or faces.co.uk.

"From metal type to photolettering to digital fonts, Monotype fonts have connected with every form of type technology," said Allan Haley, director of words and letters at Monotype Imaging. "Featuring built-in capabilities that will raise typography to a new level, the new OpenType versions of Monotype fonts will usher in the next century of typeface design."

Monotype OpenType fonts provide several new benefits to graphic communicators, including cross-platform portability between Macintosh and Windows computers, the ability to access "expert" characters such as old-style figures without switching to a different font, and the ability to substitute characters automatically, such as replacing two lowercase 'f' characters with a double-f ligature.

The new OpenType selection includes classic Monotype designs such as the Plantin, Bembo and Centaur typefaces designed in the first half of the 1900s, as well as recent releases by current Monotype designers. Sebastian Lester describes his sans serif Scene family as a strong yet subtle communication tool with much to offer designers working in corporate identity. Carl Crossgrove's Mundo Sans humanistic sans serif family offers a wide range of weights for various uses from text composition to display projects.

Monotype OpenType fonts on monotypefonts.com are available with prices starting at $29.

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