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LaPolice for Design Business Review

Date:2009-04-16 05:50:53| Design|Browse: 1|Source: The FontFeed|Author: Chris Hamamoto
IntroductionFwis and Ministry of Imagery have teamed up to launch "Design Bus

Fwis and Ministry of Imagery have teamed up to launch "Design Business Review", a monthly offering of practical business strategies and advice for creatives, with major contributors the likes of Michael Beirut, Joe Duffy (Duffy Partners), and Craig Duffny (BBDO). As well as interviews and tips from Mucca, Dress Code and others. In the over saturated design-magazine-market, unique content and perspective is a must. If their choice of type is any indication, DBR is offering something different.

DBRs first issue features the FontShop exclusive LaPolice from B&P Type. Based on 18th Century French type specimens, LaPolice tows the line between contemporary and classic with a fresh and dynamic balance, and irreverent historical references in its details. When asked about their choice of LaPolice, DBR's Keenan Cummings had the following to say:

We were looking for something staid and respectable, but a bit different. LaPolice is quirky enough to be interesting without being gimmicky.

Learn more about LaPolice in FontShop's December 2008 newsletter.

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