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Robothon09 Conference Vodcasts Available Online

Date:2009-03-24 19:15:53| News|Browse: 0|Source: The FontFeed|Author: Yves Peters
IntroductionI announced it in my Robothon09 First impressions post on Unzippe

I announced it in my Robothon09 First impressions post on Unzipped, and yesterday I noticed they were being uploaded, so here they are – the Robothon09 vodcasts. Now you can watch the presentations in their entirety from the comfort of your own desk. This again displays how on top of their game the Den Haag crew are. Go to the Blip.tv website and relive the excitement, or alternatively check out what you've been missing out on. Enjoy!

Welcome and Introduction

Erik van Blokland, LettError & Paul van der Laan, Type InvadersGetting Started with Robofab

Erik van Blokland, LettErrorAdobe Font Development Kit for OpenType: intro and new features in 2.5.

Miguel Sousa, AdobeUFO2: New features and RoboFab beta

Tal Leming, TypeSupplyThe UFO2FDK package, Area51

Tal Leming, TypeSupplyMetrics Machine 4

Tal Leming, TypeSupplyInterpolating with Prepolator, Superpolator.

Tal Leming, TypeSupply & Erik van Blokland, LettErrorBuilding apps: A quick introduction to Defcon.

Tal Leming, TypeSupplyMy kern runneð over: A case study of complex fonts and subtables.

Ben Kiel, House IndustriesTTX & FontTools

Just van RossumGlyphs: a font editor

Georg SeifertAutopsy: Visual Font Auditing

YanoneThe reason is not clear: A message from the Russian programmers.

Yuri Yarmola, FontLabUFOstretch, roundingUFO and friends

Frederik Berlaen, Type My TypeRemix Tools

Tim Ahrens, Just Another FoundryReports elsewhere on the webUnzipped [First Impressions] [Day 1] [Day 2]Dan Reynolds | TypeOffRicardo Lafuente [Day 1, morning] [Day 1, afternoon] [Day 2] | var/log/tinkerhouseRob Keller | You Should Like Type TooBenjamin Hickethier (guest editor) | FontBlog (in German)Robothon09 Flickr Pool

News feature about the Tobias Frere-Jones exhibition on Dutch television RTL4

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