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The Card Observer… Observes Cards

Date:2009-02-18 21:11:14| News|Browse: 1|Source: The FontFeed|Author: Yves Peters
IntroductionI found a great new resource via Under Consideration's Quipsologi

I found a great new resource via Under Consideration's Quipsologies (via Nice Fucking Graphics). Card Observer

is a new site that showcases only the best business card designs. We do this for a couple of reasons: to shine the spotlight on the talented designers who create these beautiful cards, and to inspire you.

As opposed to the Book Cover Archive the creators of this website rely on people sending in their creations. If you feel like you've designed a card or own one that deserves a place in their gallery, don't hesitate to submit it.

The website must be pretty recent. The first entry in the gallery dates from January 21st, 2009, and the site currently displays just under 90 entries. It is pretty basic – each entry has a concise explanatory text, and designer and/or client are mentioned and linked. The quality of the featured cards is pretty high, with nice designs, fun shapes and often special printing techniques – a good number are printed in letterpress or feature special inks or die cuts. I'm looking forward to see this archive grow and flourish.

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