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Chinese College Student Invents Smog Font

Chinese college student invents smog Font

MC5 – Back in the USA album cover

Source: http://psychedelic-rocknroll.blogspot.com.License: All Ri

20 Houses. A New Residential Landscape exhibition, Wallpaper* Architects Directory

Source: https://timgeorgedesign.wordpress.com.Tim George. License

XUID Arrays: One Less Thing To Worry About

By ESO/José Francisco Salgado (josefrancisco.org) — ALMA antennas

Brother Moto Flat-Trackin' Tee

Source: http://brothermoto.com.License: All Rights Reserved. Artw

Why Apple Abandoned the World's Most Beloved Typeface?

THE WORLD'S MOST beloved typeface has been dumped.

Quimbaya Coffee Roasters

Source: https://punzetypografie.com.Photo: Aileen Burkhardt. Aile

Benetton identity redesign

Source: http://www.pentagram.com.Pentagram. License: All Rights R

Sinnesreize / Embracing Sensation by Silvia Gertsch and Xerxes Ach

© the authors, artist, publisher. License: All Rights Reserved.Ex

The Great Comic Book Heroes, by Jules Feiffer

Photo: Chris Purcell. License: All Rights Reserved.Cartoonist Jul

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