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Users are able to recharge cards in FontKe.com from now on

Date:2016-08-18 16:11:00|Browse:199|Source:fontke

In August 18th 2016, users are able to recharge cards in Fontke from now on. Fontke cards offers to users in an anonymous way, the valid time is 2 years, cards are allowed to be given to any other persons before activation. Once you activate a card, it binds to your account and is unable to be given to any other persons.

1. How do I get a card?

Cards are now only on sale in our official Taobao Store. There isn't any other authorized websites or online stores. Currently, cards for sale include: Fontke 1000 Zicoin package, Fontke 2000 Zicoin package with 10 free Zicoins, Fontke 5000 Zicoin package with 50 free Zicoins, Fontke 10000 Zicoin package with 200 free Zicoins, Fontke 20000 Zicoin package with 600 free Zicoins, Fontke 50000 Zicoin package with 2000 free Zicoins, Fontke 100000 Zicoin package with 5000 free Zicoins, Fontke weekly VIP card(with 130 free Zicoins), Fontke monthly VIP card(with 1400 free Zicoins), Fontke 3-month VIP card(with 3900 free Zicoins), Fontke 6-month VIP card(with 5900 free Zicoins), Fontke yearly VIP card(with 11280 free Zicoins), Fontke 2-year VIP card(with a free monthly VIP card and 22080 free Zicoins), Fontke 3-year VIP card(with two free monthly VIP cards and 31080 free Zicoins), Fontke weekly SVIP card(with 440 free Zicoins), Fontke monthly SVIP card(with 3360 free Zicoins), Fontke 3-month SVIP card(with 8960 free Zicoins), Fontke 6-month SVIP card(with 13860 free Zicoins), Fontke yearly SVIP card(with 25440 free Zicoins), Fontke 2-year SVIP card(with a free monthly SVIP card and 49440 free Zicoins), Fontke 3-year SVIP card(with two free monthly SVIP cards and 71040 Zicoins).

Rechargeable cards saled in the Fontke Official Taobao Store forms a complementary relationship with the online payment in Fontke.com. If you have a Fontke card, you can activate it in Fontke User Center.

2. How do I activate my card?

Just login Fontke User Center, click "Account details" and "Rechargeable card", and then enter the 16-digit key(Every 4 characters are seperated with a hyphen"-").