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The offcial Taobao sotre for FontKe.com is now online

Date:2016-08-01 18:00:00|Browse:29|Source:fontke

In August 1, 2016, FontKe.com started it's The offcial Taobao sotre for FontKe.com, which opens a window for lots of customers to learn more about services in FontKe.com, and makes things easier for customers when they buy FontKe.com Zicoins, rechargable VIP/SVIP cards or various kinds of other font-related services. All items on sale are at a 1% discount from now on, some of the items even offer rebates after getting good reviews(Check the detailed information of each item).

The offcial Taobao sotre for FontKe.com: http://zikewang.taobao.com/