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Ascender Ascender
Brand Ascender Fax 847-357-0731
English name Ascender Corporation Website Ascender
Country or region United StatesUnited States E-mail info@ascendercorp.com
Address Suite 225, 25 Northwest Point Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Supplier ID 1ASC
Ascender Related information
  • Making Grifo
    Making Grifo

    Grifo, the Portuguese word for griffin, a mythical creature wi

  • Overshoot

    Overshoot" src="http://www.typographydeconstructed.com/wp-content

  • Descender

    Descender" src="http://typographydeconstructed.com/wp-content/upl

  • Ascender Line
    Ascender Line

    The invisible line marking the height of ascenders in a font.

  • Ascender

    Ascender" src="http://typographydeconstructed.com/wp-content/uplo

  • X-Height

    x-height" src="http://typographydeconstructed.com/wp-content/uplo

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Ascender Introduction
In the early days of mobile devices and game consoles, few people had yet to fathom coming importance of typeface readability on such platforms. Ascender made its mark during this era by working closely with software developers and device makers to create many of the Windows Core Fonts and type for the Xbox 360 and Android phone. The Ascender library was formed by a team of typographic ex... [More]
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