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Ryoichi Tsunekawa Ryoichi Tsunekawa
Name Ryoichi Tsunekawa Country or region JapanJapan
English Name Ryoichi Tsunekawa Foundry Amazingmax Flat-It Type Wordshape Prop-A-Ganda Dharma Type Typeco
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Ryoichi Tsunekawa Introduction
Ryoichi Tsunekawa’s Flat-it foundry is located in Nagoya, Japan. Ryoichi debuted his first MyFonts font family in June and now has 15 families on the website. Machia, a connecting script font with elegant swashes, had been atop our Starlets page for quite a while after its initial release, but now [October 2006] the complementary Machiarge tops the chart. Machiarge is a casual heavi... [ Detail ]
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    荆鹰老师您好! 早在1990年我就见过您的大作,顿感:墨香扑面来,清泉有甘甜;原因是我报了“中国硬笔书法研究会”的函授班。后来去雍王府,一看就是荆老师写的碑刻。 今天,老师早已是方正字库“古隶第一人”,千古不易!
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