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Ampex Casette Tape Ad

Date:2012-03-30 06:40:22| News|Browse:0|Author:fontke
IntroductionSource: http://pzrservices.typepad.com.License: All Rights Reserv

Source: http://pzrservices.typepad.com.License: All Rights Reserved.

Via Found in Mom's Basement.

This may be an American photocompositor copy of Signal. More info from Florian Hardwig at Typophile:

"Yes, with that e and n, it is clearly some version/descendant of Signal. Note that Wege's original version had three weights (with Script-Signal being lighter, and Block-Signal bolder). It also offered both forms of the lowercase r. It is a pity that the digital version is so limited."

More samples of the original Signal from Indra Kupferschmid.

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