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网页设计中的 40 种字体组合

Date:2012-01-06 13:12:47| Design|Browse:1|Author:fontke
IntroductionTimberland WomenTrade Gothic and Neutraf

Timberland Women

Trade Gothic and Neutraface.


Caslon and Helvetica.


Helvetica Neue and Museo.


Droid Serif and Helvetica.

Switch to Virgin America

FS Sinclair, Vitesse Sans and Vitesse.

Australia Business Arts Foundation

Clarendon and Arial.

Jones Film Video

Droid Sans and Kulturista.

Dilly Deli

Arvo, Helvetica and Georgia.


Helvetica Neue and League Gothic.

Dave Carter

Cuprum and Pacifico.


Arial and Georgia.

Johan Reinhold

Raleway and Georgia.


Proxima Nova Extra Condensed and Verdana.


Kreon and Verdana.

English Workshop

League Gothic Regular, Helvetica Neue and Museo Slab.

Kansas City Creep Fest

Copse and Homemade Apple.

La Wine

La Wine beautifully uses fonts like Proxima Nova Extra Condensed (Bold), Helvetica and League Gothic (Regular).

The Bright Future of Car Sharing

This one has got a lot of fonts like Aurea Ultra, Helvetica, Times, Franklin Gothic and Georgia.

The Beauty Shoppe

This one has Nixie One (headlines) and Open Sans (Texts).

826 Seattle

Courier on the top menus, Museo Slab and Futura PT.


A great mix of Arial and Bebas Neue.


nest mixes Fuller Sans DT Bold and Fuller Sans DT Regular amazingly.


Helvetica Neue and Octin College Regular.

Ana Majik

FF Tisa (header and footer) – Josefin Slab (Rest of the things).

Colbow Design

Futura PT (header) – Yellowtail (center).

Twistedfork – Dan Matutina

It is a minimalist layout with fabulous textured detail on its header and also a few textured photos.


Instrument has a beautiful delicate background texture.


This one is another neat and clean design with a subtle and amazing textured background.


Its layout is based on shapes, typography and a textured background.


It boasts a subtle and pretty background texture that can be seen only on margins and footer.


This one is yet another beautiful minimalistic design that mixes texture by using photos.

Fueled by Design

This one uses amazing texture that gives it a great look.


Tabspresso uses colours and textures really nicely.

One Design Company

One Design Company is a minimalistic typography based design and a textured background.

Big Bite Creative

It has a cool layout based on shapes, typography, colors, photos and subtle textures. Bold and beautiful.


This one boasts a clean look with an amazing subtle texture.

The WP Co

This one has various textures which give the layout a really cool touch.

Give Beyond

Give Beyond boasts amazing typography and hand-drawn elements with awesome texture.


Calepino has a beautiful big main photo with wood as texture.

Wearable Print

This one is a minimal design with pretty textures.

via smashinghub

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