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Date:2010-10-08 00:00:37| Industry|Browse:4|Author:fontke
IntroductionOne of the first complaints that many have after using an Ubuntu

One of the first complaints that many have after using an Ubuntu Live CD is that the fonts look strange or too big. Upon loading up the operating system, there just doesn’t seem to be the same amount of screen space on the page as in another operating system. For many it’s hard to tell what the problem is but there does seem to be a problem.

许多人使用Ubuntu Live CD之后的第一个抱怨就是,字体看起来又大有别扭。自从装好操作系统以后,屏幕空间的大小似乎就和别的操作系统不一样了。大多数人说不出哪出了毛病,但就是觉得有点儿不对劲儿。

By default Ubuntu uses the Sans font sized 10. This is a much larger default font and font size than most are used to. There are ways of changing this.


Click on System >Preference >Appearance which will bring up a screen that will let you change your theme, background, fonts, visual effects, and interface. Click on the fonts tab to deal with font issues.


The easiest solution for the time being is to change all the Sans size 10 fonts to size 8 and that will shrink everything down to a more appropriate size. You could also select a different font than Sans if you think another one looks better. You do have the option of installing other types of font like Microsoft fonts. If you want the traditional look you are used to on a system like XP, then use Tahoma size 8.


There is also an issue of rendering of fonts. Some like their edges to be smooth and blurred on each letter on the screen. Others like sharp fonts where the edges are crisp and clear. Changing these rendering settings will change it closer to your preferred preferences with fonts. Everyone likes something different so there is no real right or wrong selection.


You can do whatever you want with fonts once you learn how to change or adjust them. Most will like something that is a big smaller than what is currently being offered. In the next version of Ubuntu coming out in 2010 there will be smaller fonts by default with a different look.


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