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超酷的英文字体:Fig Script

Date:2010-10-25 12:59:38| News|Browse:1|Author:fontke
Introduction今日AD518向大家推荐一款超酷的英文字体——Fig Script,由Eric Olson在2002年为Process Type

今日AD518向大家推荐一款超酷的英文字体——Fig Script,由Eric Olson在2002年为Process Type Foundry设计。Fig Script冷硬的细线条桀骜不驯,底部紧紧连在一起,使单个词形成一个整体,给人一种草书的感觉。这里等线的款名叫Fig Script Regular,即常规体,用米字和十字的那两种应该是Fig Script同一字体族的字款。FIG Script is a script typeface designed by Eric Olson in 2002 for Process Type Foundry, a digital foundry which he co-founded.The name FIG is an acronym for "Frank (Sheeran), Ian (Chai), and Glenn (Chappell) who collaborated in the development of the FIGlet computer program developed to generates text banners, in a variety of typefaces, composed of letters made up of arrangements of smaller ASCII characters. Olson used FIGlet in creating his ASCII-based FIG typefaces. Olson describes the FIG types as an "exploration into the generative possibilities type design software and simple grid structures." While suggestion of a raster is clearly visible in the face, a hominess similar to that found in nineteenth century cross-stitched samplers is also found. Many characters have swashes, and the overall effect is reminiscent of cursive.

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