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"What's New?"

Date:2010-01-11 12:54:34| News|Browse:0|Author:fontke
Introduction"What's new?" We're asked this question daily. A friend might fin

"What's new?" We're asked this question daily. A friend might find out about a new love interest. A relative could learn about a new limb on the family tree.

Want to be able to tell a fellow designer what the hot new typeface is? It just might be possible.

Fonts.com makes a major new typeface release announcement just about every month. Many of these are new additions to the ITC®, Monotype®, and Linotype® typeface libraries. If there are particular kinds of typefaces you would like to see designed (scripts, sans serif typefaces, serif designs, decorative faces, etc.) let me know and I will pass along your requests to the team that determines what typefaces will be developed for these libraries.

This is a real opportunity for you to have a voice into what new typefaces will be designed. A board of type experts meets three times a year to determine what new additions will be added to the ITC, Monotype, and Linotype typeface libraries. Their next meeting will be on January 21st, and I will be sure that the review board is aware of your preferences.

Independent type designers and type foundries (big and small) want to provide graphic communicators with typographic tools they want and need. Few, however, reach out to their customers and ask them what they want. While I can't guarantee that all your typographic wishes will be granted, I can ensure that your request will be heard.

Allan Haley is Director of Words & Letters at Monotype Imaging. Here he is responsible for strategic planning and creative implementation of just about everything related to typeface designs.

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