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Birdfont 0.43 发布,字体编辑器

Date:2014-08-04 14:38:53| Software|Browse:0|Author:fontke
IntroductionBirdfont 是一个字体编辑器,用于创建 TTF、EOT 和 SVG 字体。

Birdfont 是一个字体编辑器,用于创建 TTF、EOT 和 SVG 字体。采用 Vala 语言开发。

Birdfont 0.43 发布,此版本是个稳定版本,修复了一个 TTF 导出错误。


birdfont (0.42) :

• Parse transform directive in SVG import.

• A new command line utility that makes it possible to import a set of SVG files to a bf font file (birdfont-import).

• Crop rotaded and resized images.

• Better conversion from SVG files to TTF fonts.

• Important bug fixes.

• Load, save and export fonts in background threads.

• Faster TTF export

• Improved preview tab on Windows

birdfont (0.41) :

• Retain the angle of a control point handle while adjusting the length

• Parse round corners and stroke endings in SVG files

• Fixes bugs in the SVG import code and elsewhere in order to improve

compability with potrace and Illustrator

• Delete and undo for kerning pairs

• Complete Ukrainian and Spanish translations

birdfont (0.40) ;

• Bug 修复

birdfont (0.39) ;

• 核心代码 bug 修复

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