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Make market-ready fonts with this 8 point checklist

Fine tune your typefaces with this checklistWhether you're making

London Underground's iconic Johnston Sans typeface

Looking back on the centenary of the font that for many means 'London'.

Cocoa Marsh Instant Fudge Candy Mix packaging

Source: https://www.flickr.com.License: All Rights Reserved.Sourc

XUID Arrays: One Less Thing To Worry About

By ESO/José Francisco Salgado (josefrancisco.org) — ALMA antennas

Japanese Typography Writing System

Find out how Japanese write.

Amazon Releases Ember Bold Font for the Kindle

Amazon releases new bold font to answer customers' request. The new Kindle font will give elder users and those who have visual disability a better reading experience.

Food Not Bombs hypothetical redesign

Source: http://www.jenamyung.info.License: All Rights Reserved.A

How to sell your typefaces

Get your fonts out there with this expert adviceYou've created yo

Cher Got Sued For Font!

The famous singer Cher has been sued for jacking a famous font design on her 2013 album Closer to the Truth.

Chinese College Student Invents Smog Font

Chinese college student invents smog Font

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